A Hump Day Treat: What to do This Week

A southern belle will taste the Italian compilations of pizza creations tonight. If you are currently in the Greenville area, or if you have ever visited it before, have you ever eaten at the little pizza joint off of Woodruff road called Brixx? I’ll be checking it out tonight, so I am looking for any recommendations on what to stuff my face with while I am there. Word on the street is that it is a fun place to meet up with people for live music, affordable food and a good time. Be sure to check back for updates on what I think of the place.

In movie news, it’s finally come down to the wire; the time for Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1. I will be attending the midnight showing in all of its glory tomorrow night. With my Canon50D in hand, I can’t wait to capture HP Fanatics as I stand in sweaty-palmed anticipation for part one of the epic finale that is my childhood. Expect some great photos, and if you aren’t attending the midnight showing because you are too old, watch out for spoilers when my review rolls out at 3:00 a.m.

Houston, Texas is where to be this weekend. With some great music on the way, I’m looking forward to hearing the sounds of the West. Is everything really bigger? I will be sampling some great eateries while in the Lonestar state; shoot me some suggestions.

As I await the end of my day, I will leave you with this happy video to keep you going:

Be Entertained…