Get Addicted Greenville: The Righteous Opens for Andy Lehman & The Night Moves

If music is a window to the soul, then I would have to say that Carolina has some soul. In a little town southeast of Nashville, you can find the smooth and soulful rhythms, bayou-infused, but poetically reminiscent of early rock legends. Naturally, on a Friday night, I like to hit the music scene in towns such as Greenville, South Carolina, to take part in the local scene. I stumbled upon a little place called The Channel. As I walked up a narrow hallway for three flights of creaky wooden stairs, feeling like I was back in New York, I finally came to a dim, impressively large concert room. Stamped and ready to go, I had no idea who I was about to hear belt out power ballads of original musical prose.

The Righteous, Opening for Andy Lehman & The Night Moves

The Righteous on stage at The Channel in downtown Greenville, South Carolina.

The Righteous, a band of deceptively younger men, truly gained my respect for younger musicians of this generation. Haven’t you been questioning the music of this time? I certainly have; but, I have to say, these guys gave me a new hope for a great sound. Blending rock and roll and blues funk, The Righteous rocked some unique melodies that gave me flashbacks to early Oasis years, with a touch of Jimmy Page fury. A band after Jack White’s own heart, this compilation of teenage talent is certainly going places. Word on the street is that the lead singer writes their music; did I mention he’s supposedly 17? Powerful lyrics that blow the current artists of his age out of the water, this kid has the heart of a rolling stone. However, their age showed when it came to the fluidity of their transitions, but I suppose that will improve over time. Backed with a drummer who can rage, a guitarist who can entertain, and a bassist with some edge, I think these guys are definitely worth checking out if you are in the Greenville area. Keep learning guys, and drop an album soon.

And that was just the opening act.

TJ Lacasse, Bassist for Andy Lehman & The Night Moves

Bassist, TJ Lacasse of Andy Lehman & The Night Moves rocking the stage in downtown Greenville, Friday night.

Headlining the night, Andy Lehman & The Night Moves brought some unpredictable sounds to the stage. Believe me, when I say that they could rock pretty hard as well. Seasoned veterans, this group paints the picture of one sound, one mind, one band–the type of ideology that is only found in music written from experience. Andy Lehman invites you into his heart with his piercing lyrics. Creating a story, and entertaining you as you live it with them, this band has some definite “musts” for your playlist. Lowcountry, their new album just dropped on iTunes; get a feeling for the diverse sound of Andy Lehman & The Night Moves by listening to songs such as: “You Can Leave the Light On,” “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing,” and “All Along the Roads We Walked.” Hard to believe these guys are from South Carolina? Yeah, that’s what I thought too.

To think all this talent was hanging around downtown Greenville on an unexpected Friday night. Talk about an undiscovered gem; this city surely has a voice of its’ own. So, Greenville, I suggest you take a walk this weekend around your downtown to discover the music scene. From peddlers in Falls Park, to musical venues like the Brown Street Jazz Club, or cover bands at the Corner Pocket Taproom, soak in the kaleidoscope culture of your city: get addicted, and be entertained.