Brixx: Italian on a 20-Something’s Budget

Meeting friends up for dinner is always a highlight of my week; when I can make it happen on a Wednesday, I feel even better. So, I tried the relatively well-known chain of restaurants, Brixx. Not normally one for chain establishments, I actually enjoyed the place. Food for a young family on a budget, a college or high school kid wanting something a little better than normal, or a 20-something trying to make it through the week, the menu had an interesting selection of sandwiches, pizzas and pastas. Of course, I went with the pasta. (Roasted Chicken Penne Pasta–to be exact.)

Brixx Pasta

My Budgeted Pasta Dish @ Brixx

Paired with the Mondavi-Riesling to tone down the spicy flavors and play with the sweet peppers, the Cajun flavor of this dish certainly packed some surprises in texture. Enjoying the color the peppers brought to the dish, the Cajun spiced, blackened chicken, all topped in a fairly rich gorgonzola cream sauce, this pasta dish sure beat the alternative chain restaurants similar Italian creations. If you are looking for something new with a relaxed atmosphere that is friendly to friends and families alike, try Brixx.