According to Elle

Everyone has their essentials, the “must-have” lists that they can’t wait to share with anyone who will listen. Here are a few of mine:

Playlist Key Players

Staple artists that frequent my playlists all too often are a conglomeration of different genres, sounds and eras. Glance at my three favorites, they frequently make it onto every one of my playlists.

  • Billy Joel: Every playlist must have a Billy Joel song. I am convinced of this necessity. While majority of my other staple artists are recommendations, Billy Joel’s need to be included in your playlist selection is a command. With a tune for every occasion, every mood, every thought, this piano man speaks to the innermost secrets of your soul. Using words and melodies that were written on your heart before you even knew it, any song you pick is a true masterpiece. Some favorites include: “Vienna,”  “All About Soul,” “Two Thousand Years,” “Goodnight Siagon,” and “Scenes From An Italian Restaurant.”
  • The Beatles: Cliche? Eh, so judge me. My flower-child facade is enlightened by the beauty and utter genius that was The Beatles. They make you feel a part of something by energizing you and taking you back to an era of movement. For Generation “Y” kids, The Beatles create a stir, a desire to rage against the Washington machine and all oppressors of freedom. Undoubtedly, The Beatles changed the face of music. Why wouldn’t they be a staple playlist jam? Frequent heavy-hitters on my playlist: “Something,” “Get Back,” “All My Loving,” “Blackbird,” and “Hey Jude.”
  • Hans Zimmer: When most people ask me who I would like to meet, they are always baffled by my response. I quickly answer, “Oh, that’s easy: Hans Zimmer.” Sadly, some people don’t even know this incredible master of music. With a list of hefty soundtrack scores to his resume, Hans Zimmer arranges some of the most compelling music of our time. Precise with every instrument, thought behind every note, his original scores will bring you to tears as you awaken your ability to “hear” beauty. If you are looking to hear childhood, add songs such as “Under the Stars,” “Up is Down,” or “Anything Can Happen.” If you are needing to hear passion, find songs like “Nyah,” and “You’re So Cool;” if in need of a good cry, try downloading “Iris and Jasper,” or  “Tennessee.”  And even if you are seeking to hear God, discover the majestic sounds of “Now We Are Free.” The man has a hymn for every condition and every vice. I challenge you to find it.

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